How to Streamline your Business Processes using Document Management

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Small businesses today are inundated with information—including content created internally as well as documents and files received from customers, partners and suppliers. Without an information management framework, time is wasted searching through file folders and various business systems for business-critical documents. This is often compounded by the proliferation of multiple versions of the same file, which results in errors and repeated work.

When it comes to managing vast amounts of information—such as proposals, plans and contracts, product and inventory catalogues, order forms, invoices and receipts, building plans, support tickets and personnel records — small businesses simply cannot operate at maximum efficiency without the ability to easily search, share and protect their critical files and documents.

In addition to the sheer volume of files being produced by a variety of sources, today’s “content chaos” challenge is further compounded by the fact that the data typically resides across an increasingly complex landscape of applications, network folders and devices. Dedicated or “best of breed” information management solutions abound, adding to the complexity because of their limitations, instead of alleviating it on an organization-wide scale. The ability to effectively manage and harness business-critical information at any time and from anywhere—using a single, centralized system—is essential not only to day-to-day operations, but also for long-term growth and small business success.

This white paper below will explore real-world examples of how small businesses are using the M-Files enterprise information management (EIM) solution to eliminate information silos and breaks down the barriers between employees and their information, in order to facilitate growth. In all of these cases, a strong need existed for scalability in order to start small with their EIM initiative and expand gradually. At the same time, these smaller organizations also demanded simplicity and ease of use to drive company-wide adoption, along with the sophistication required to support the long-term needs of their growing businesses.

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