Managed IT Support Services

We empower organisations to focus on their mission. Netier offers a full range of managed IT support services that deliver exceptional value and keeps your business performing at its best.


It is easier than ever for organisations to access technology, but ensuring security and availability can be complex and expensive. Managed IT support ensures IT experts are maintaining systems to keep your business running and are on hand when you encounter problems to quickly resolve them. 

What is Managed IT Support?

By utilising a managed service provider that partners with their business, organisations can access expertise, improve security, increase security, decrease risk and ensure that internal staff are free to focus on what drives their organisation does best.

It is important that organisations partner with managed services providers that are aligned to their technology and business goals and have the right experience and certifications. Businesses of all sizes and any industry can benefit from leveraging the value, scale and robust systems that the best managed service providers offer to their clients.


Why should business invest in Managed IT Support services?

Over the past decade, workplaces have become increasingly dependent on technology for everything they do. In Australia we have become increasingly aware of the time pressure that we are under at work and the productivity gains that can be achieved by leveraging technology so we can focus on the important things in our life and at work.

To enable business to thrive we have had to become clear about what we are trying to achieve and what we expect from people and systems. This is where Netier’s managed IT support services enables you to engage our experts who understand your business goals and are committed to delivering outcomes by minimizing downtime, focusing on security, monitoring systems and ensuring compliance with increasingly complex requirements. In the event of an issue, Netier’s managed support services know your business and can mitigate and resolve disruptions so you can focus on your mission.

Support when you need it

Netier’s Managed IT Support is available 24/7, we have all Australian service centres which means you talk to a local expert who knows your business. We are always up to date on the latest technology, constantly monitoring your systems for issues and passionate about providing exceptional support.

Integrated Security

Maintaining IT system security to protect your business from cyber threats is complex. Netier’s Managed IT Support integrates security, proactive maintenance, monitoring and robust systems and processes all designed to keep you safe and your team productive.

Delivering value

Teams are regularly adopting new technology to improve how they work, for leadership teams it can be difficult to control costs and deliver innovation. Netier’s team work with you to understand what technology needs to deliver in your business and our consultants work to deliver value by regularly aligning our services to your needs.

Discover Netier's Managed IT Support Services

Netier offers fully managed IT support services that cover every part of your business, from infrastructure management to end user support. We have built our managed services around industry best practices and support designed to help businesses grow. We can package services to extend your current internal IT team, work closely with other technology service providers or provide holistic services that cover everything your business needs. By partnering with you we ensure that your business has the support it needs to focus on your mission.
IT Support and helpdesk

Our IT Support Technicians seamlessly integrate with your team.

We recognize the uniqueness of your business and its diverse needs. That’s why we work hard to understand your business, creating flexible services tailored to your specific requirements. Every client is assigned a team of staffed by skilled technical engineers who are well-versed in your service needs and familiar with your IT environment.

The IT support your business needs, where you need it.

Our managed services offering include options to have IT experts on site when you need them. Our team provide support to metro and regional offices and staff, with options including regular site visits, permanent onsite staff, team augmentation and project resourcing we can deliver support to your business wherever you need it.

We are here to help you around the clock.

Your business doesn’t stop outside of the normal 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. We know that your business relies on technology so we are here with easy to access IT support services whenever you need it, from any device, from where ever you are.

We are experts supporting Microsoft 365.Out team builds, secures, manages, licenses, migrates and expertly supports Microsoft 365 tools. Whether it is collaboration over Teams, workflows and files in SharePoint or any of the apps in Office 365, our team is here to help you deliver modern workplace solutions for your team.

Get the experts you need when you need them.

There are times when your internal IT team is at capacity or needs an expert to help manage technology. We bring specialists who can provide escalation support, service desk to assist with the day to day workload and scale that delivers exceptional value for maintenance and monitoring of systems.

Good maintenance is the key to a great performance.

Ensuring that your systems are secure, compliant and performing at their best is critical to delivering reliable services to your business and your clients. Our managed services have dedicated teams focused on monitoring, maintenance and security who deliver best practice management and security standards.

When the servers your business relies on have problems they can rapidly impact your business and need fast, expert resolution.

Whether your servers are located in the cloud, a datacentre, on premises or a hybrid our server management services offer assurance for your business. We support most operating systems both physical and virtual and hypervisors including Microsoft, VMWare and Nutanix. Our team take responsibility for ensuring systems perform utilising monitoring and automated remediation systems to identify issues and get our experts to quickly respond to problems and resolve them.

Learn more about our Infrastructure Management Services

Expert network and security services keeping your organisation online and connected.

Keeping your organisation online and connected while mitigating threats and minimising downtime is crucial to you and your customers. As part of our secure network management services we manage firewalls, network switches, wireless network, internet connectivity, VPNs and more across all of the best vendors. Whether you are trying to maintain compliance for SOCI, ISO27001, NIST, Essential 8 or internal governance frameworks we managed networks to perform at the highest level while maintaining security.

Learn more about our Secure Network Management Services

Business aligned strategic advice and technology consulting services.

Our team of consultants and technology advisors work with organisations like yours to build, align and monitor the performance of technology strategy against your business objectives. We proudly partner with organisations to ensure they can scale systems and technology to deliver results, we offer independent advice to help you innovate and transform your organisation.

Learn more about our Strategic Consulting and Advisory Services


What can you expect from Netier ?

Our mission at Netier is to exceed expectations and deliver excellence in everything we do. Our approach is to have experienced IT consultants and advisors work with your leadership team to understand your business. Through this partnership we offer strategic advice, provide actionable insights and continuously review your technology requirements so we can ensure you don’t have to overpay for things you don’t use or have a package that doesn’t cover everything you need.

IT Strategy and Governance

Access to dedicated technology consultants

24/7 Support

Clear, actionable reporting and dashboards

Regular business reviews

100% Australian Service Desk

CSAT over 90

Integrated cyber security

Partnerships that power excellence

At the heart of our success are our robust partnerships with industry-leading technology providers that empower us to deliver effective solutions to our customers


Why chose Netier for IT Support?

Netier is focused on understanding your business and building flexible, tailored service packages to meet your needs. We are passionate about delivering excellence and have a team who are excited about what technology can do.

We know that working closely with your leadership team and developing a strategic roadmap is a crucial first step to delivering excellence. We start by auditing your systems, building documentation and training our team on your business so that if a problem arises we know how to quickly and efficiently resolve it.

Great Place to Work

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We know that being a great place to work is the key to being great people to work with. Our mission is create opportunities for people to achieve great things in a place they feel valued.
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Security is integrated into everything we do. We are committed to keeping our clients protected, that is why we are ISO27001 accredited to provide you peace of mind.


95% client retention

We deliver the highest quality of service to our clients, that is why we don’ t need lock in contracts to retain over 95% of our clients.

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