Whatever IT takes to Provide Career Progression

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At Netier, we believe providing upskilling opportunities and developing learning plans for our team members is vital to support their ongoing career progression. We will do whatever IT takes to provide the resources and support for all employees to have a fulfilling and rewarding career at Netier.

Career progression initiatives at Netier:

  • Learning and development plans
  • 1:1 training sessions
  • Lunch n learns

Learning and Development Plans

After success completion of the probation period, all employees have the opportunity to collaborative with their manager in designing a tailored learning plan. The plan is guided by the employees learning interests and their desired career path.

1:1 training sessions

Not all employees who joined Netier have ICT experience, we have candidates who express their eagerness and experience of learning on the job. We train our employees everyday by providing one on one training with senior members whenever required. These intimate sessions guarantee training is relevant to the employees needs while providing opportunity for new staff members to ask questions and seek further clarity on any areas they may not have prior experience with.

“Learning a new role and starting a new career has been exciting. It was a steep learning curve, but Netier has such great support in place in terms of learning how to do the job… I am glad I made the move to Netier, it has been very educational. It’s great to work within a new industry and the team is so great.” – Dan, Professional Services Team Lead

Lunch n Learns

Lunch n learns were introduced to provide staff the opportunity to present on a topic of their specialty to their fellow team members in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.  Lunch n learns are extremely popular with all team members as it is a fantastic initiative to learn, collaborative with others and encourage personal and professional development.

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