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Exploits are one of the main techniques used by cyber-criminals to spread malware. They take advantage of weaknesses in legitimate software products like Flash and Microsoft Office to infect computers for their criminal ends. A single exploit can be used by a myriad of malware, all with a different nefarious purpose.

By blocking these exploit techniques, you can stop an attack before it gets started. Read this paper to learn more about exploits and how to stop them.

Sophos Exploits Intercepted – CLICK HERE

For more information on the anti-exploit technology in Sophos Intercept X, read the detailed technical paper – Exploits Explained! 

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Derek Ingram
Senior Cyber Security Engineer at Netier

Derek is the Senior Cyber Security Engineer of Netier. With over 20 years experence in IT and across all aspects of cyber security from GRC to DFIR. When not at work he enjoy woodworking and gardening.



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