7 Simple Steps for Going 100% Paperless

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It’s estimated that companies spend more than $120 billion per year — every year — on printed forms. When also considering the sheer amount of time that employees spend storing and organizing the files, and the fact that most files become quickly outdated, it’s clear that you’re looking at a situation that should be addressed at all costs.

In the vast majority of situations, going paperless is literally an experience that pays for itself. But how do you make the transition? Discover the seven core steps that you should be following on your journey towards a 100% paperless (and more productive) office for your professional services business.

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About the author

Michael Burke
Principal Consultant at Netier |

Michael Burke brings 15 years of diverse IT expertise to Netier, demonstrated through his technical acumen and consultative skills. Away from work, he enjoys 3D printing, woodworking, and metalwork, as well as spending time with his wife and dogs.



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