12 Days of Cryptmas: Day 10 – Ten network intrusions

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A network intrusion is any illegal activity carried out on a digital network. Network incursions frequently entail the theft of valuable network resources and virtually always compromise a network security and/or data security. Organizations and their cybersecurity teams must have a comprehensive understanding of how network intrusions operate and implement network intrusion, detection, and response systems that are designed with attack techniques and cover-up methods in mind in order to detect and respond proactively to network intrusions.

A network is often compromised for one of the following three reasons:

  • Hacktivism: Hacktivism is the combination of hacking with activism. Intruders that wish to hack to prove a political agenda or social cause are responsible.
  • Steal Money: This infiltration aims to steal money or data from the victim. Typically, the intent is to abuse the other person for monetary advantage.
  • Spying: Spying is the entrance of a state-sponsored network in order to spy on an adversary or occasionally an ally.

Network intrusion attacks can originate from individuals, major corporations, or even governments. These organizations’ cybersecurity teams must comprehend how network intrusion is carried out in order to properly prevent it. A Network Intrusion Detection System must be implemented in order to address network intrusion-related difficulties.

There are two sorts of systems that can aid in the prevention of network attacks: intrusion detection and prevention systems.

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a passive system that detects harmful behavior on a network,
  • Intrusion Prevention System not only detects but also blocks the same dangerous activity.

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