12 Days of Cryptmas: Day 1 – A phishing email wanting my money

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Phishing emails are getting more and more difficult to spot. When receiving an email that just doesn’t feel right think about why it doesn’t feel right – either it’s something completely out of the blue that you weren’t expecting, or the details on the email seem odd.

The best ways to check are:

  • Click on the sender details and look at the actual email address the email has come from. Is it the exact email address you would usually receive notifications like this from? Or are there extra letters or characters in the address.
  • Hover your mouse (or long press your finger on the link on a mobile device) to see where the links on the email are actually taking you. Is the address for the link going to the correct website? Or is it taking you to a fake version.
  • Check any other information the sender has included like phone numbers or account details – are they incorrect, or more worryingly, have they included details about your account they shouldn’t know? Probably a good idea to change passwords if they have!
  • If the three above checks are ok, the best action is to load up the website of the vendor you received the email from directly, not by clicking on the link, and checking if the information on the email is true and factual on the vendors site, or giving the vendor a call directly to ask about the email.

Never click on email links

This time of year can be stressful; Your bank account doesn’t need the added stress of giving presents to scammer. Contact Netier today to discuss how we can help manage security for you.

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